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Columbia International College in Canada
Complete guidance of students to fulfill their parents’ wishes
Columbia International College (CIC) is the biggest private preparatory school in Canada with students coming from 70 non-English-speaking countries. The education system is recognized by Ontario’s Ministry of Education and is based on the education of the city of Hamilton. The school also offers two male and two female dormitories. It also has partnership with the beautiful Bark Lake, located in central Ontario, for outdoor activities.Innovative “Total Care Education System” and “University Partners” provides graduated students the best and guaranteed admission method into top universities. There are more than 30 partnering universities within the University Partners that will provide entrance scholarships to students from CIC. 100% success admissions to top tier universities every year. Two thirds of graduated students were accepted into the top 12 universities in Canada and have received high entrance scholarships.

Columbia International College, Taiwan Opens the doors to studying abroad for Taiwanese students
In order to provide more options for a student’s future, CIC has established a branch school in Taiwan. With licensed teachers from Canada, students that have an interested in studying abroad are able to receive a Canadian high school education in Taiwan. With this unique program, students are able to enter North American universities without delay and complete their dreams of studying abroad and be able to be competitive in future employments.

Our Mission By establishing a branch in Taiwan, CIC’s mission is to allow full preparation before studying abroad. This allows more than enough time to complete their aspirations, such as improving their English skills, having the correct attitudes, or moving towards their interests. We, at CICT, understand that studying abroad is an important turning point in life, and whether it is the school they are in or the universities they will apply to, are all important decisions to make. We would rather have the students establish a proper beginning to a different education style in Taiwan before going abroad right away. This allows students to build up their confidence and be more successful later on.

Our Establishment The branch in Taiwan was under careful planning for a considerable time before it was finally established. Whether it is the qualified teachers or the materials used class, everything came from Canada. This allows students to not only have a smooth transition into Ontario’s education in Grade 12, but also gives them a successful admission route to top tier universities.

Our Goals Our goal for the staffs, students, and parents is “Entering the best universities at discounted prices as well as improving the student’s character”. Too often, students that study in Taiwan’s bilingual middle schools or international schools are still unable to be admitted into top universities upon graduation. This is because of not only missing Canadian grades, but more importantly not reaching the expected English standards. The students that study at CICT will have the powerful resources from CIC as well as the perfect blue print for success in studying abroad. --The first two years in high school will be in Taiwan before going abroad in the last year.

Our Teammate Allan Lo, having established the connections between British Columbia and Taiwan for the past thirty years, now leads a group of specialized individuals to provide the best Canadian education for prospective students. Through the hard work of the staffs, the parents will be involved in the development of their children’s life as well as understand their future goals and aspirations.

Our Total Care Education System Under the unique Total Care Education System of CIC, we will provide the best care in both their school lives and their dormitory lives. We will continue to perfect our Total Care Education System to allow the best services to students and parents.

CICT is the Best Option in Entering Top Universities Established in 1979, CIC has become the top private preparatory school in Canada. CIC has created the University Partners and invited top schools from Canada, USA, Great Britain, and Australia to form a partnership centralizing CIC, and attracting more and more top universities to join.