Welcome to Columbia International College Taiwan

Columbia International College (“CIC”) was established in Hamilton, Canada in 1979 and is now currently the biggest and best private boarding school in Canada. Over the past thirty years, CIC has helped thousands of students receive admission into top universities.
The Total Care Education System® was created to meet the unique academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of every student who lives and studies away from home.
Total Care® Education nurtures each student according to his or her requirements in four areas:
1. academic support and challenge (Total Care Learning®),
2. a positive residence living experience (Total Care Living®),
3. development of a well-rounded and strong character (Total Care Development®), and
4. communication with family back home and between parents and the school (Total Care Communication®).

CIC’s sister school in Taiwan, Columbia International College Taiwan (“CICT”) provides an alternative way for students in Taiwan to apply for universities in North America. CICT follows the curriculum set by the Ontario Ministry of Education and hires teachers familiar with the Ontario education system. The first two years of high school at CICT provides students the chance to foster a strong foundation in English before transitioning to Columbia International College in Canada for the last year of high school. After successfully graduating from CIC, students can apply directly to the best universities in North America with a Canadian high school diploma, saving both time and money.